Equal Recognition

Two people holding Equal Recognition placardIn order for trans people to be fully included, accepted and empowered within Scottish society, a variety of equality work needs to be done. Some of this work, such as improving healthcare and preventing hate crimes, involves practical initiatives in partnership with local and national public bodies rather than legislation changes. However, there are also flaws within trans equality legislation. The Gender Recognition Act 2004 in particular is in need of urgent reform.

Therefore, Scotland’s Equal Recognition Campaign calls for reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 to bring it in line with international human rights best practice. The Scottish Trans Alliance and Equality Network have joined forces with a diverse range of supporting organisations and individuals to make this happen.

On 17 December 2019, the Scottish Government published their draft Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill. The consultation on the draft bill is open until 17 March 2020. It is vital that trans people and their allies respond to support the draft bill so that the law can be reformed before the end of this parliament (2021).

Let the Scottish Government know your views on the draft bill

It’s really important that the Scottish Government hears from trans people and allies. The public consultation on the new draft Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill is open until 17 March 2020.
We’ve created a simple guide to help people to understand the draft bill and give their views.