There is broad cross-party support within the Scottish Parliament for reform of the Gender Recognition Act. During the Scottish LGBTI Hustings event on 31st March 2016, the leaders of Scotland’s five main political parties all expressed support for the principles of the Equal Recognition Campaign.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was specifically asked by an audience member at the LGBTI Hustings “When do you plan on recognising non-binary gender identities in law?” to which she responded: “I think we should, and I think we should do it in the next Parliament [2016-2021], and that’s one of the specific things I think we should look to take forward in terms of reviewing the gender recognition law.”

The SNP pledged in their 2016 Manifesto to “review and reform gender recognition law, so it’s in line with international best practice”. Therefore, in Autumn 2016, the Scottish Government began working on developing proposals for gender recognition reform legislation. The Scottish Government has told campaigners that it will hold a consultation on detailed proposals in Autumn 2017 with legislation expected to follow in 2018.