All women face similar dangers, whether trans or not, and it’s distressing that some people seek to drive a wedge between our rights

Shon Faye writes in The Guardian about the importance of a united feminism:

Trans women live under the same system of patriarchy as other women. Though our experiences will differ, many of our needs overlap, have the same root and require the same solution. One line of attack I find particularly distressing is that we are trying to “bully” our way into women’s spaces such as refuges and rape crisis services. In their worst form, these arguments imply that I am trying to validate my gender identity by being recognised as a woman in these contexts.

But the reason I want to be able to access women’s spaces is because I now exist as a woman and I am treated as one in a misogynist society. Trans women are at least at the same risk as many other women from gendered violence. The tone of recent media coverage has erased this, suggesting that we simply want affirmation of our identity. I don’t care about affirmation of my identity – I care about whether I could go to a rape crisis centre if I had been raped. Or a domestic violence shelter if a boyfriend beat me up.

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