What you need to know: Scotland’s women’s sector speaks out on gender recognition for trans people

In light of the Scottish Government consultation on proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act (2004), much debate has arisen over the potential impacts for gender equality efforts and for organisations working solely with women.

To find out how Scotland’s gender equality and gender-based violence sector feels about the changes and what their current policy and practice around trans people looks like, Caitlin Logan at CommonSpace spoke to key national organisations and local service providers.

The following organisations were interviewed: Engender, Rape Crisis Scotland, Scottish Women’s Aid, the Young Women’s Movement (YWCA Scotland), Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, Forth Valley Rape Crisis, Edinburgh Women’s Aid, and Shakti Women’s Aid. Read their views at: https://www.commonspace.scot/articles/12402/what-you-need-know-scotland-s-women-s-sector-speaks-out-gender-recognition-trans