Have your say: the last two years and trans rights

The UK Parliament Women & Equalities Select Committee (with MPs from all political parties) has launched an inquiry into whether the UK Government went far enough in its proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act.

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We all know that it didn’t. We also know that people are feeling tired, burnt out, and generally sick of making the case about why changing our birth certificates more simply will make our lives a little easier, whilst having no impact on the lives of others.

Even so, this is a chance for trans people to have our say. To tell a group of MPs about what the last few years of political “debate”, media spotlight and endless consultation and disappointment has felt like. To talk about our hopes and fears for trans equality and rights. We will definitely be responding, and we are asking as many trans people who have the energy if they can do the same.

Allies – we’d love for you to help us out and tell this inquiry just what you have made of the ever worsening “conversation” about our lives, and your wish to see us included in services and society.

If you’d like a more detailed dive into how to respond, you can check out the guidance from Mermaids.

But whether you’ve got time to write two paragraphs or two pages, it all counts. What we think would have the biggest impact on the committee is sharing your personal experiences of living your life as a trans person – the positives and the negatives – and letting them know how these last few years have changed things. (The Committee may publish your response, so don’t share anything that you’d not want to see publicly online).

After you’ve responded, please encourage all your friends to also have their say.

(P.S. Remember though – the Scottish Government is still committed to reforming the Gender Recognition Act – even though the process was disappointingly but understandably paused due to coronavirus. This inquiry is about the UK Government.)

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